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5 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

There’s no doubt that planning a move can be a bit hectic. Any time you’re juggling a lot of tasks, there’s a chance you might make a mistake or two. Unfortunately, even a small mistake can spell trouble for your move. Here are five important problems you’ll want to avoid.  

1. Failing to Have a Plan 

You’ve heard the cliché, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is absolutely true when it comes to moving your home or business. Not only do you need to plan out a reasonable timeline for all of the tasks you’ll need to complete, but if you want to hire the best moving company, it’s important to start early. Great movers often book out months in advance, so don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute.  

2. Waiting Too Long to Start Packing 

Nearly everyone underestimates how long it takes to prepare for a move. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or not know where to start, but procrastinating will just add unnecessary stress. Waiting until the last minute can cause you to miss important details or cut corners with your packing, which can lead to damage.

You can overcome this by setting aside some time every day to chip away at your packing for a set amount of time. Start this as early as possible and you’ll have a much calmer moving experience.  

3. Not Clearing Out Clutter 

There’s no sense in paying to move things you don’t really want. Before you start packing or get an estimate from your mover, take the time to declutter. Consider whether you’ll have a use for the items in your new home and whether it’s worth the effort to move them. When you’ve decided to leave an item behind, you can either give it away, donate it, or sell it for some extra cash.  

4. Trying to Do it All Yourself 

Sure, you might save some money if you decide to DIY your move, but hiring a professional mover is almost always worth it. Once you’ve finished packing everything you own, you’ll need to rent a truck, move lots of heavy items, load everything without damaging it, and drive the truck to your new location. Then, you’ll need to unload, unpack, and reassemble your furniture. It’s a lot more work than you may think!  

If you really want a stress-free move, consider hiring a packing and unpacking service to handle everything for you. Otherwise, at least get a quote for a basic move. You’ll thank yourself later.  

5. Not Labeling Your Boxes 

Unpacking an entire home’s worth of boxes is no easy task. When you pack, do yourself a favor and label the outside of each box with as much detail as possible. This will help you know where each box should go when you arrive. It can also be a lifesaver when you’re settling into your new home and need to find a specific item.  

Mistake-Proof Your Move  

The experts at John’s Moving & Storage are here to help you enjoy a mistake-free move. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.