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6 Simple Tips to Make Your Move Easier

It’s no secret that moving can be nerve-racking. In fact, studies show that people find moving more traumatic than many life events, including divorce! However, if you know how to properly prepare, you can enjoy an easy move that goes exactly as planned. The following tips will help you get started.

1. Start Planning Early

Waiting until the last minute will increase the stress of your move. If possible, start planning your move at least six months ahead of time. This will allow you to take your time decluttering and packing. It will also give you time to find the perfect moving company and improve the likelihood they’ll be available on your preferred moving day.

2. Begin by Decluttering

As soon as you know you’re moving, start thinking about what items you want to take with you… and which ones you would rather leave behind. If you already know where you’re moving to, measure your new home and decide whether your current furniture will fit. If not, start planning now to sell or donate it.

Decluttering as much as possible before you start to pack will lighten the workload and lower your moving costs.

3. Pack for One Hour a Day

Packing is one of the most overwhelming parts of moving, especially if you procrastinate. Get a head start by committing to packing for one hour each day. Focus on one room at a time, set a timer, and get to it!

If you’re on a tight timeline or are too busy to handle your own packing, don’t stress! Instead, get an estimate for professional packing and let the pros handle it.

4. Label Your Boxes

When preparing for a move, organization is critical! As you pack each box, create a label for the outside that lists everything inside. When doing this, try to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of writing “kitchen supplies,” list out “pots, pans, and lids.” This will make your life so much easier when it’s time to unpack.

It’s also a great idea to use different colored packing labels or colored masking tape and give each room its own color. This will make unloading your moving truck a breeze!

5. Hire a Professional Moving Company

If you want a completely stress-free move, look for a full-service moving company. This will allow you to hand over packing and unpacking as well as basic moving services.

On a tight budget or prefer to have more control? Use the tips above to pack your own stuff like a pro. Then, hire trusted professionals to load, transport, and unload your items. This is the best way to ensure your belongings will stay safe and arrive on time.

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