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How to Find the Best Moving Company

Whether you’re planning to move across town or across the country, hiring a professional moving company may be one of the smartest things you do. But with so many movers to choose from, how do you make sure you select a company that is going to be reliable, efficient, and take excellent care of your possessions?

It all starts with knowing what to look for. Follow these important tips and you’ll be well on your way to finding the best moving company in your area.

Ask for Personal Recommendations

If you happen to have a friend or family member who has recently moved, ask them who they used and whether they were pleased with the service. A first-hand recommendation can help you understand what to expect and may save you time when compared to starting your research from scratch.

Narrow Down Your Options

If you’re not able to get a personal recommendation, begin with a Google search and narrow down your options based on the services provided. Once you’ve found four to five companies that might be a good fit, contact them to see if they’re available on your preferred moving dates.

Pay attention to how the movers communicate with you and whether you feel comfortable with the way they answer your questions. If you have to leave a message, also note whether they return your call promptly.

Check out Reviews and Testimonials

Next, dig a bit deeper and check out each company’s reviews on Google, social media, and other relevant sites. Keep in mind that you can’t please everyone, so one or two bad reviews aren’t necessarily a red flag. However, if the company consistently isn’t satisfying its customers, there’s no reason to think your experience will be different.

Get Multiple Estimates

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list even further, it’s time to reach back out and request estimates. It’s a good idea to get estimates from at least three different moving companies. If you receive a quote that is significantly different from the others, be sure to ask for clarification so you can make sure you’re comparing prices for the same services.

Verify Insurance and Credentials

Finally, before you choose a mover, take the time to verify that they are fully licensed, registered, and insured. A reputable mover should have no problem providing you with this information. If the company you’re considering won’t or can’t, pay attention to this red flag.

Request Your Free Quote Today 

If you’re ready to get started with your search for the best moving company, you’re in the right place. John’s Moving offers top-quality local and long-distance moves and we have more satisfied customers than any other mover. Contact us today to request a free quote.