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How To Prepare For an Office Move

When it comes to relocating your office, time is money. Finding the right commercial moving company will make a big difference, but there are some other things you can do to set yourself up for success. As soon as you know there’s a chance you might decide to move, start thinking about taking these important steps. 

1. Create a Moving Timeline 

The first step in organizing a business move is to create a checklist of tasks that need to be done and estimate how long each will take. If you have multiple employees, it may also be helpful to assign an in-house moving team and create an accountability chart. This will help ensure that the move is coordinated across each department and that the work is fairly distributed.   

2. Hire a Full-Service Moving Company 

Packing and unpacking are often the most time-consuming parts of a move. While you’ll want to have your employees pack up their personal belongings and any sensitive customer documents, it’s well worth the money to hire a packing and unpacking service to handle the rest. A full-service moving company can also take care of disassembling and reassembling all of your office furniture, creating a huge time savings!  

3. Stay Extremely Organized 

As they pack, make sure every employee labels their boxes with their name, their department, and a list of the contents inside. It’s also helpful to color-code your labels, as this will make it much easier to put the boxes in the right areas when they arrive at your new location. Make sure to provide your moving company and any assigned team leaders with a master list that includes all of the codes.  

4. Plan Your New Layout 

Your new office layout may be quite different from your current space. Take the time to sketch out the dimensions and think through where each employee will be located. This can help ensure everything will come together the way you envisioned. It will also be very helpful for the moving company as they unload and unpack your items.  

5. Communicate with Your Employees 

Once you’ve completed your layout and timeline, it’s important to communicate all of this information with your employees. Explain exactly how you want them to pack and label their boxes and any other important information they need to know. Also, be sure you’re available to answer any questions that might come up in the weeks and days leading up to the move.  

Stay in Touch with Your Vendors and Customers 

Finally, be sure to let all of your customers and vendors know about your move. If possible, plan an open house once you’re settled in so you can give them an in-person tour. This will give you a chance to show off your new space while also building stronger relationships.  

Trust John’s Moving for Your Office Move  

John’s Moving Company has helped many business owners enjoy an easy and hassle-free move. It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed, but with our help, you’ll be back to business as usual in no time. Give us a call to request a personalized quote.